Steps that you can take video

This video will share some insights into female psychology (because that’s what it’s all about) and show you some immediate first steps so that you’ll know how to get her back for good.

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Listen, I always say this: If you want to understand how a female thinks, then listen to another female.

Men and women do not think alike! Guys forget this all the time!

They respond and react to circumstances differently than a guy will.

Don’t believe me?

Ever had a time when you wanted to hang out with your buddies to watch the playoffs?

Remember how your ex girlfriend would go nuts just because of that?

The reason for this? She feels that your friends are more important than her!

On the other hand, she has no problems hanging out with her girlfriends at the mall and as a guy- you probably wouldn’t too.

As a matter of fact, that might just put a smile on your face! Why? Let’s face it guys. We don’t pretty much enjoy taking our girlfriends out for shopping that much now do we?

In the video above, Ashley talks about gaining control of the situation- and keeping your emotions in check.

She talks about giving some space to your ex so that your ex girlfriend will not feel like you’re driving her into a corner.

If you do that and push her for a commitment, you’ll eventually end up losing her.

And very quickly especially if she’s just started seeing someone.

You’ll just help the other guy and get her falling back to the “other guy” for support!

It’s crucial that you follow the steps explained in the video so that you can firstly- get her attracted to you again an secondly- get her back with you again.

See part two of the video below as we explain and share some tactics on what to do next so that you’ll know how to get her back for good.

Part two of the video series

This second video reveals specific tactics on how you can immediately get her attraction and get her to notice you without ‘scaring” her off.

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Just try putting into action the methods and tactics described here.

Remember, keep your emotions intact and in check- whatever the case.

I always say this- I know what it’s like to lose a person that you care for.

I’ve always looked back and wish I’d taken the time to educate myself so that things could have been different today!

I had too much pride to learn from anyone I suppose.

But most importantly- I didn’t take any type of action or make any attempt to reconcile.

I always thought that she’d eventually come to her senses and we’d get back together.

It never happened.

If you’re patient and apply the correct strategy, you can make it happen.

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It could mean all the difference between success and failure!

If you lose her, you lose her forever.

Forever is a heck of a long time!

Good luck! You can make it happen!

You can get back with your ex girlfriend if you want to.

I’m rooting for you!