So you want her back for good

Life is tough!

Sure, life hasn’t been the same without your ex girlfriend. It’s been tough but you’re doing okay.

Or are you?

If not, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of other women out there, you’ll just need to make an effort to find someone that you can have “chemistry” with.

And there’s always someone else out there. It may take some time but you will find someone else if you make that effort.

But if you still want your ex girlfriend back because you know deep in your heart that she’s the one and know that it’s not too late- then there’s really no harm in trying and also making that effort.

The only condition is that she should be single and hasn’t tied the knot or as they say- happily married.

Otherwise, it won’t make any sense to pursue this course of action right?

The other condition is that you want your girlfriend back because you love her.

Don’t laugh, some people actually want to get back with their ex girlfriend for one reason and one reason alone.

Their ego.

They don’t like it when someone “walks” away from them. They don’t like it when someone else “ended” the relationship. Nobody else ends it but them.

Let the person go if you never cared for them. That’s important.

Now that we’re clear on that- If you strongly feel that she’s everything that you’ve ever wanted in your life and that there’s still a chance- then take action now. This is important- There’s no time to waste.

If you don’t take some type of action, you will LOSE YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND. That’s no lie. Again, take it from someone who’s been there. So if you want to know how to get her back for good , read on.

Warning! Use this information at your own risk. I can’t guarantee any type of success nor will I be able to accept any consequences that may result from using the information that you’re about to read. If you want to learn from a respected relationship expert and get results with proven techniques on how to win your ex back, please click here

Also, while some people swear by the “no contact” rule (which means that you should not in any way have physical contact with your ex until a certain point in time) what you’re about to read will break this rule.

Take Action Now

Do something now. Even if it’s picking up the phone and calling her- take some type of action. If you don’t feel comfortable picking up the phone, then send her a sms. Don’t wait for your ex girlfriend to contact you. Chances are, it’ll never happen. Contrary to what we see in the movies, miracles do not happen.

Listen, you’re not going to get back from work one day and find your ex girlfriend waiting at your porch. (No matter how much she actually wants to) Again, something like this may happen in the movies but this is real life.

It’s up to you to fix things and make it right so that you can get her back with you again.

Warning: You do not want to appear as though as you’re love crazy and cannot live without her. When you do this, your ex girlfriend will vanish faster than you can say “shazam”.

Never, never, never beg or plead her to come back to you. All of your contact with your ex girlfriend must be brief.

Your objective is to let your ex know that you are OKAY.

Also, you just want to casually check up on her and make sure your ex girlfriend is OKAY.

Keep your contact formal. Not personal.

This is especially more critical if she has a new boyfriend.

If you are desperate and pressure her, you will send her back to her new boyfriend with her arms wide open!

She will feel the need to talk to her new boyfriend because of guilt, pressure so on and so forth.


Before you call or send her a text, plan. You’ll want to know what it is exactly that you want to say to get a positive response from her.

Don’t send blank text messages or messages that begin and end with a simple hello. Don’t call and hang up without saying anything. Write down what you want to say and run through the list several times before you make the call.

The objective is to get a response from her in a positive way. We’ll talk about some things that you can say to achieve this objective.

Also, you must educate yourself about women and how they think. Invest in this excellent book by Arthur Gordon and read it.


Part of getting back with your ex girlfriend will require for you to understand women psychology and I can think of no better way than to educate yourself about the ways of a woman than by reading this brilliant material by Arthur Gordon.

He will give you a incredible insight about the way a woman thinks so that you will know how to use that to your advantage to win your ex girlfriend back.

Not only that, but when you get this book and read the excellent material presented inside of the book, you will brim with new found confidence about women.

You will know how to become attractive to any girl, and that includes your ex girlfriend.

The goal here again is education.

You must educate yourself!

Think of it this way: If you want to know how to succeed in a particular business, does it not make sense for you to learn from someone who has already done so?

Of course. Knowledge is power.

The Action

Do not sound desperate when you get a chance to speak to her.

We’ve talked about this before. Calling her up and saying things like I need you or I desperately need you back may do more damage than good.

Do not send blank or messages that do not have any content. This is likely to irritate her more than pique her curiosity.

Don’t be discouraged when she doesn’t pick up your call. Don’t assume anything. She could be busy at work or she had just left her phone at home. Don’t be impatient. Give her time to respond.

It may be a good thing when your ex girlfriend does not answer your call the first time.

It could be that she’s simply unsure about talking to you at the moment.

This could be a sign that your ex does not want to seem desperate to speak to you and show you that she’s “easy” to win back. It could be also because she’s unprepared and afraid that she might just “give” in too easily to your “charms”. Remember, girls do not think like men. They are completely different creatures than men (which is obvious) so you must understand this.

Women like to be “wooed” back and they don’t want to make it too “easy” for you. The reason for this is simple, they feel that if they let you back in without a fight, you’d never truly appreciate them and would most likely them for granted in the future.

Don’t believe me? Just look at all the movies and novels out there that ” condition” a women (and some men)on how to respond and you’ll see the point.

When was the last movie that you saw and the last book that you read that allowed a woman to simply “came” back to a man without a “fight”?

We’re being brainwashed all the time- from all the tv ads, stuff that we read and the movies that we watch- so women are being conditioned to think all the time that if they “surrender” too quickly, that they’re “cheap” and the man that they “love” would eventually mistreat them.

However- Do not do what most men do in the “movies” when they’re trying to get their ex girlfriend back though!

In real life, it will turn her off and drive her further and further away!

While girls like all the drama in the movies and more often than not would like to imagine being swept away off their feet by a tall dark stranger, do not imitate the way most men in movies do to get their ex back! Most of the times, what they do will not work in real life-

There’s only one exception to the rule about imitating characters in movies or books.

If you want to imitate someone in movies, then imitate James Bond! For decades, he has been “brainwashing” women all around the world on what a real man should be – confident, smart, strong and sexy. And he’s never desperate!

Just remember this rule- go slowly. The concept is to “start” all over again- fresh and new.

What to say

When you call or send a text just remember one thing. Your text or call should be formed around on getting a positive response. Here are some things that you could say when you call.

For example:

Hi it’s sure been a while since we last spoke! How are you doing? (Let her respond)

Make sure you are in full and complete control of your emotions!

If you want someone to show you how to do this go here. Here, you will also learn about the many costly mistakes that are guaranteed to destroy your chances of winning your ex girlfriend back.

You will also get someone to guide you all the way, step by step to accomplish your mission of getting back with your ex girlfriend.

Let’s have ourselves a little time out session here:

You may ask: Is there any guarantee that by getting yourself educated that you will win your ex back for sure?

No one can guarantee you this! Anyone that says that they can, is lying to you!

What getting educated will do is to give you proven ways that have worked for thousands of people.

When you apply the knowledge that you have, you increase your ODDS dramatically.

You will at least GET A DECENT CHANCE of winning her back.

Okay, now that we’re clear on this:

Let’s get back to where we left off: What to say!

You could continue by saying:

Hey, remember the place that we love having lunch at? Well, it’s been so long since we last ate there, how about we make some arrangements to do just that this Thursday? (Let her respond)

Chances are, your ex girlfriend will take up your lunch offer.

If she says no- do not sound too desperate and do not sound like the world has ended. It’s important to maintain composure.

Women are generally attracted to confidence and composure. (Even your ex)

Say that you will call her again and make sure you follow up.

When you meet up

Don’t be too pushy to get her commitment immediately when you do meet up for that lunch.

Give your ex girlfriend some space so that she’ll relax. Talk about the good times that you had. Talk about something that she likes.

Just do not start getting her to commit immediately and put her in a spot.

If you push her into a corner, you will get her defenses up and she’ll stop responding.

Remember, while you’ve both been apart, chances are your ex girlfriend may already be seeing someone.

If you push too hard, you will drive her further away and lose her completely.

You’ll ultimately drive her deeper into her new boyfriend’s waiting arms. And we don’t want that do we?

Think of this as a military operation. You must plan, and have a strategy. The saying- those who do not plan, plan to fail. This is so true.

Remember your objectives

Your objective for the meeting is simply this:

To let your ex girlfriend know that when she’s with you- that she can feel extremely comfortable and to be herself. So that when you call the next day, she’ll respond even better. Let her drop her guard so that you can gradually move in closer and closer each time you see her.

Important! If she’s already seeing someone, it’s more critical than ever to remember to play your cards right.

Warning: Don’t go crazy into a fit of jealously if she talks about her new boyfriend. Chances are, she’s looking to see how you respond- if you respond wrongly, you’ll put her defenses up and drive her away.

Girls do not like men that are insecure and lack confidence in themselves. Please trust me when I say this. This is another elaborate topic all on its’ own and we simply have no time to go into at the moment.

Whenever you can, simply revert the topic away without making it too obvious and get her talking about herself or something that you know she absolutely adores. Everyone loves talking about themselves and your ex is no exception.

If you know that she’s still single, this means that you have a decent chance of getting her back very quickly. But follow the rule and do not push her to commit on your first lunch meet. Unless she responds in an extremely desirable fashion, apply the rules and follow through.

What to do after the first meeting

If you’ve done it right, your ex girlfriend should feel that she can be comfortable with you without the “pressure” of getting back together.

Remember, you can get your ex back if you’re willing to be patient and again- play your cards right.

The whole strategy is to get her to start seeing you once more and when the time is right- you will play the final card in which you’ll literally force her to choose between you and your rival.

Do not attempt this in the beginning stages! You will fail! I guarantee that.

Do this at a later point in time when you’re already on the next level of the “relationship.” You’ll know when.

Now that you know how to get her back for good, you understand that you must take action quickly. Remember to plan what it is that you’ll say before you call or even send that first text.

Also remember that if your girlfriend does not respond, do not be overly anxious.

Corny as this may sound- you’re at war and you’ll need a good strategy to accomplish your “mission.” Treat this like a “military” operation or a secret CIA operation to get her back.

You can succeed, but only if you apply the strategies and rules we’ve discussed above.

Good luck!