So you want her back for good

Life is tough!

Sure, life hasn’t been the same without your ex girlfriend. It’s been tough but you’re doing okay.

Or are you?

If not, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of other women out there, you’ll just need to make an effort to find someone that you can have “chemistry” with.

And there’s always someone else out there. It may take some time but you will find someone else if you make that effort.

But if you still want your ex girlfriend back because you know deep in your heart that she’s the one and know that it’s not too late- then there’s really no harm in trying and also making that effort.

The only condition is that she should be single and hasn’t tied the knot or as they say- happily married.

Otherwise, it won’t make any sense to pursue this course of action right?

The other condition is that you want your girlfriend back because you love her.

Don’t laugh, some people actually want to get back with their ex girlfriend for one reason and one reason alone.

Their ego.

They don’t like it when someone “walks” away from them. They don’t like it when someone else “ended” the relationship. Nobody else ends it but them.

Let the person go if you never cared for them. That’s important.

Now that we’re clear on that- If you strongly feel that she’s everything that you’ve ever wanted in your life and that there’s still a chance- then take action now. This is important- There’s no time to waste.

If you don’t take some type of action, you will LOSE YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND. That’s no lie. Again, take it from someone who’s been there. So if you want to know how to get her back for good , read on.

Warning! Use this information at your own risk. I can’t guarantee any type of success nor will I be able to accept any consequences that may result from using the information that you’re about to read. If you want to learn from a respected relationship expert and get results with proven techniques on how to win your ex back, please click here

Also, while some people swear by the “no contact” rule (which means that you should not in any way have physical contact with your ex until a certain point in time) what you’re about to read will break this rule.

Take Action Now

Do something now. Even if it’s picking up the phone and calling her- take some type of action. If you don’t feel comfortable picking up the phone, then send her a sms. Don’t wait for your ex girlfriend to contact you. Chances are, it’ll never happen. Contrary to what we see in the movies, miracles do not happen.

Listen, you’re not going to get back from work one day and find your ex girlfriend waiting at your porch. (No matter how much she actually wants to) Again, something like this may happen in the movies but this is real life.

It’s up to you to fix things and make it right so that you can get her back with you again.

Warning: You do not want to appear as though as you’re love crazy and cannot live without her. When you do this, your ex girlfriend will vanish faster than you can say “shazam”.

Never, never, never beg or plead her to come back to you. All of your contact with your ex girlfriend must be brief.

Your objective is to let your ex know that you are OKAY.

Also, you just want to casually check up on her and make sure your ex girlfriend is OKAY.

Keep your contact formal. Not personal.

This is especially more critical if she has a new boyfriend.

If you are desperate and pressure her, you will send her back to her new boyfriend with her arms wide open!

She will feel the need to talk to her new boyfriend because of guilt, pressure so on and so forth.


Before you call or send her a text, plan. You’ll want to know what it is exactly that you want to say to get a positive response from her.

Don’t send blank text messages or messages that begin and end with a simple hello. Don’t call and hang up without saying anything. Write down what you want to say and run through the list several times before you make the call.

The objective is to get a response from her in a positive way. We’ll talk about some things that you can say to achieve this objective.

Also, you must educate yourself about women and how they think. Invest in this excellent book by Arthur Gordon and read it.


Part of getting back with your ex girlfriend will require for you to understand women psychology and I can think of no better way than to educate yourself about the ways of a woman than by reading this brilliant material by Arthur Gordon.

He will give you a incredible insight about the way a woman thinks so that you will know how to use that to your advantage to win your ex girlfriend back.

Not only that, but when you get this book and read the excellent material presented inside of the book, you will brim with new found confidence about women.

You will know how to become attractive to any girl, and that includes your ex girlfriend.

The goal here again is education.

You must educate yourself!

Think of it this way: If you want to know how to succeed in a particular business, does it not make sense for you to learn from someone who has already done so?

Of course. Knowledge is power.

The Action

Do not sound desperate when you get a chance to speak to her.

We’ve talked about this before. Calling her up and saying things like I need you or I desperately need you back may do more damage than good.

Do not send blank or messages that do not have any content. This is likely to irritate her more than pique her curiosity.

Don’t be discouraged when she doesn’t pick up your call. Don’t assume anything. She could be busy at work or she had just left her phone at home. Don’t be impatient. Give her time to respond.

It may be a good thing when your ex girlfriend does not answer your call the first time.

It could be that she’s simply unsure about talking to you at the moment.

This could be a sign that your ex does not want to seem desperate to speak to you and show you that she’s “easy” to win back. It could be also because she’s unprepared and afraid that she might just “give” in too easily to your “charms”. Remember, girls do not think like men. They are completely different creatures than men (which is obvious) so you must understand this.

Women like to be “wooed” back and they don’t want to make it too “easy” for you. The reason for this is simple, they feel that if they let you back in without a fight, you’d never truly appreciate them and would most likely them for granted in the future.

Don’t believe me? Just look at all the movies and novels out there that ” condition” a women (and some men)on how to respond and you’ll see the point.

When was the last movie that you saw and the last book that you read that allowed a woman to simply “came” back to a man without a “fight”?

We’re being brainwashed all the time- from all the tv ads, stuff that we read and the movies that we watch- so women are being conditioned to think all the time that if they “surrender” too quickly, that they’re “cheap” and the man that they “love” would eventually mistreat them.

However- Do not do what most men do in the “movies” when they’re trying to get their ex girlfriend back though!

In real life, it will turn her off and drive her further and further away!

While girls like all the drama in the movies and more often than not would like to imagine being swept away off their feet by a tall dark stranger, do not imitate the way most men in movies do to get their ex back! Most of the times, what they do will not work in real life-

There’s only one exception to the rule about imitating characters in movies or books.

If you want to imitate someone in movies, then imitate James Bond! For decades, he has been “brainwashing” women all around the world on what a real man should be – confident, smart, strong and sexy. And he’s never desperate!

Just remember this rule- go slowly. The concept is to “start” all over again- fresh and new.

What to say

When you call or send a text just remember one thing. Your text or call should be formed around on getting a positive response. Here are some things that you could say when you call.

For example:

Hi it’s sure been a while since we last spoke! How are you doing? (Let her respond)

Make sure you are in full and complete control of your emotions!

If you want someone to show you how to do this go here. Here, you will also learn about the many costly mistakes that are guaranteed to destroy your chances of winning your ex girlfriend back.

You will also get someone to guide you all the way, step by step to accomplish your mission of getting back with your ex girlfriend.

Let’s have ourselves a little time out session here:

You may ask: Is there any guarantee that by getting yourself educated that you will win your ex back for sure?

No one can guarantee you this! Anyone that says that they can, is lying to you!

What getting educated will do is to give you proven ways that have worked for thousands of people.

When you apply the knowledge that you have, you increase your ODDS dramatically.

You will at least GET A DECENT CHANCE of winning her back.

Okay, now that we’re clear on this:

Let’s get back to where we left off: What to say!

You could continue by saying:

Hey, remember the place that we love having lunch at? Well, it’s been so long since we last ate there, how about we make some arrangements to do just that this Thursday? (Let her respond)

Chances are, your ex girlfriend will take up your lunch offer.

If she says no- do not sound too desperate and do not sound like the world has ended. It’s important to maintain composure.

Women are generally attracted to confidence and composure. (Even your ex)

Say that you will call her again and make sure you follow up.

When you meet up

Don’t be too pushy to get her commitment immediately when you do meet up for that lunch.

Give your ex girlfriend some space so that she’ll relax. Talk about the good times that you had. Talk about something that she likes.

Just do not start getting her to commit immediately and put her in a spot.

If you push her into a corner, you will get her defenses up and she’ll stop responding.

Remember, while you’ve both been apart, chances are your ex girlfriend may already be seeing someone.

If you push too hard, you will drive her further away and lose her completely.

You’ll ultimately drive her deeper into her new boyfriend’s waiting arms. And we don’t want that do we?

Think of this as a military operation. You must plan, and have a strategy. The saying- those who do not plan, plan to fail. This is so true.

Remember your objectives

Your objective for the meeting is simply this:

To let your ex girlfriend know that when she’s with you- that she can feel extremely comfortable and to be herself. So that when you call the next day, she’ll respond even better. Let her drop her guard so that you can gradually move in closer and closer each time you see her.

Important! If she’s already seeing someone, it’s more critical than ever to remember to play your cards right.

Warning: Don’t go crazy into a fit of jealously if she talks about her new boyfriend. Chances are, she’s looking to see how you respond- if you respond wrongly, you’ll put her defenses up and drive her away.

Girls do not like men that are insecure and lack confidence in themselves. Please trust me when I say this. This is another elaborate topic all on its’ own and we simply have no time to go into at the moment.

Whenever you can, simply revert the topic away without making it too obvious and get her talking about herself or something that you know she absolutely adores. Everyone loves talking about themselves and your ex is no exception.

If you know that she’s still single, this means that you have a decent chance of getting her back very quickly. But follow the rule and do not push her to commit on your first lunch meet. Unless she responds in an extremely desirable fashion, apply the rules and follow through.

What to do after the first meeting

If you’ve done it right, your ex girlfriend should feel that she can be comfortable with you without the “pressure” of getting back together.

Remember, you can get your ex back if you’re willing to be patient and again- play your cards right.

The whole strategy is to get her to start seeing you once more and when the time is right- you will play the final card in which you’ll literally force her to choose between you and your rival.

Do not attempt this in the beginning stages! You will fail! I guarantee that.

Do this at a later point in time when you’re already on the next level of the “relationship.” You’ll know when.

Now that you know how to get her back for good, you understand that you must take action quickly. Remember to plan what it is that you’ll say before you call or even send that first text.

Also remember that if your girlfriend does not respond, do not be overly anxious.

Corny as this may sound- you’re at war and you’ll need a good strategy to accomplish your “mission.” Treat this like a “military” operation or a secret CIA operation to get her back.

You can succeed, but only if you apply the strategies and rules we’ve discussed above.

Good luck!

Using the correct approach to get her back


Forever. What the heck is that?

One advice. Don’t wait. If you’ve just for some reason had a falling out with your “ex girlfriend” DO NOT WAIT to do something. You must take some form of action. And you have to do it now. It’s extremely vital to do something quickly now before she’s gone forever.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Forever.

Take another moment to think about what forever really means.

Wouldn’t you say forever is a really long time? Really really long time?

But what if you could learn the correct approach and increase your chances and odds of getting back with your ex? What if there’s still hope if you knew exactly what you had to do next to make that happen?

Take it from someone who’s been there. The problem is that it takes a while before you realize how much you miss her and all those crazy things that you used to do together. By the time you realize it, you may just find out that it’s just too late to fix it.

Here’s the thing- You may have been with someone else before you were with your ex.

But you were probably okay with letting the one before your ex go. And you probably never looked back since. Why? Because you never had that “special” connection like you did with your ex. You never had that “chemistry” which you had with your ex.


If you miss your ex and you’re wondering why you feel the way that you do- even after all this time (hopefully you haven’t taken too long a time if you want to get back with her ) then you certainly had “chemistry” with her. Even if you have not seen your ex for a while, it’s still not too late to do something positive. But we’ll talk more about this later. Let’s get back to chemistry.

Chemistry is not something that you will generally have with every person that you’ll meet or even have been with. Chemistry is when two people are able to connect and somehow feel comfortable doing anything together. When I say anything- I mean anything. Weird things, fun things, whatever. It’s when two people accept the other for what they are in every sense of the word. Sound crazy? Not if you’ve had that with you ex- and would know what I mean.

Listen, when you have chemistry with that someone, that’s when you’ve found a “soul mate”.

Forget about her

There are times when a relationship that has ended isn’t worth pursuing anymore. Forget about how to get her back for good now if :

1. You do not actually want her back for the right reasons. By that I mean, that you want her back for your own ego and that’s about it. Because she left you, it hurt your pride and worse, your ego because NO ONE LEAVES YOU. So make sure your ego is in the right place and you actually want her back because you genuinely love her. Okay?

2. She cheated on you and told you that she wants to end the relationship because you’re just not right for her. If she cheated on you, it’s not worth trying to get back together with her. Listen, why the heck would you want to be with someone that can turn on you in a second? Besides, she is clearly in “love” with someone else. She probably never loved you at all so why would you want her back?

3. You’ve cheated on her when you were with her, and deep down inside- you never actually loved her. If this is the case, do not waste her time. And yours.

So what now?

You don’t fit any of the above criteria and you want to get back with your ex. That’s fine- as mentioned above, it’s time to take action before it’s too late. You need to take these steps quickly:

Communication: You’ll need to start communicating with her quickly. Every second that goes by means that some other guy could already be making a move on her. For all you know, they could already be talking “marriage”. No? What if you’re wrong?

To avoid all of this from happening- you must act now. You’ll need to find the correct way to firstly, solicit a response from her. If you haven’t been on talking terms since your breakup, you do not want to start by sending her e mails or text messages that goes like this: I need you… or I miss you.. or just blank messages.

Doing this will kill any chances of a reconciliation. Why? Studies have shown that people do not respond well to an act is associated with negative emotions: and desperation counts as an act that is associated with a negative emotion.

How well have you responded to a sales person that was desperate to sell you something? Do you remember walking away quickly when the sales person became too “pushy” and “desperate” to sell you that product? What if that sales person had just taken his or her time and let you feel comfortable and “slowly” helped you out with your questions about the product, don’t you think that would have increased his chances of selling you the product?

Of course you do. The same principles apply here. If you sound desperate, you will turn her off and send her packing.

If you’re comfortable with sending text messages, you should send her a text that is “positive” with an “objective” to solicit a response from her: but you’ll need to know how to do it correctly:

learn how to do it the right way so that she’ll engage you positively with text messages

Look out for the next posting when we share and give you some ideas and suggestions.

If you want a step by step walk through on how to correctly and systemically get her back with you again, Click here.

We’ll also talk about a systemic approach in our next post.

Once more, if you’re not convinced for some reason that taking action immediately is crucial, then you might be in for a rude awakening.

You have to understand that women act and think very differently from a man. A lot of men don’t understand this concept and while this may surprise you, I assure you that this is no joke.

When you’re no longer there to fill that emotional need and “emptiness” in her life, you can bet she’ll find someone else to fill that “void” in her life. A man may take his time and choose and pick someone they “really” like before they actually want a relationship with that person:

A women will pick someone she feels can IMMEDIATELY fill that emotional vacuum in her life and give her that security that she’s lost. Even if that man may not have been initially “attractive” to her or even if in her mind- he could never ever measure up to you. His looks, his bank account balance and all of that does not matter to her.

If someone else is there to catch her when she falls and offer her that “emotional” support and a shoulder to lean on- he eventually gets her.

So please don’t let yourself down and take action now. But make sure you read more about the DOs and the DONT’s here first before you take any type of action.

Take the time to find out about the mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting back with your ex and my friend….. don’t make them.

That’s it for now.

Best of luck, have faith that things will work out great for ya and it will.

The wolf dude signing off,

Till next, Peace.

How to Get Her Back For Good Review

How to Get Her Back for Good Review. Author: George Karanastasis

It’s true. You know, that old saying that we never know how good we have it until it’s gone. And in this case, it’s that someone special. Now when I say special, I mean special. You know what I mean.

At first, it doesn’t hit you. You figure what the heck, everything’s really so much better now that your ex girlfriend is gone. No more fighting, no more worries about trying to find that few extra dollars to take her out and stuff like that. Then it starts. That feeling that your life’s not really the same anymore.

To find out more about Dr. George Karanastasis”guide, please click here

You start to miss all the things that you used to do together, and that special feeling you’ve always had when you were with your ex girlfriend. The things she did, the way she would say things and ahem., probably how good she was in bed…again, you get the idea.

Look, unless your ex girlfriend is already married to someone- you can still have her back. This blog exists because I never want to see someone lose a person that he cares deeply for. If you’ve read my other posts, you’d see why.

I lost someone really special, and it’s never been the same again. Again, losing someone that you have a special chemistry with really-, is not the end of the world of course.

There are a million of other fishes in the sea (so they say)- but if you can still save it, then why not?


Now if you want to successfully learn how to get her back for good, then you might as well learn it from someone that knows how to do it. That’s why we review guides like this here.

So let’s get back to the review.

Again, I’m reviewing another popular relationship guide that’s written by Dr. George Karanastasis, a doctor by profession. But is it any good? Will it work? That’s what we’re going to find out.

The Pros

His guide essentially, was written from his own past experiences and interactions with women that he’s been in relationships before. He bares it all in his guide, and tells you about all the failed attempts that he’s had in trying to get back the woman that he “could not forget”. Why is this a good thing? His advice is based on real “experience”- so that means that you don’t have to literally make those same mistakes that could kill any chances of a reconciliation.

In his guide, he also talks about some “typical” mistakes that most people will make when they’re faced with this situation.

He explains why these methods will never work and warn you against trying them. For example, why swearing that you will change if she’s back with you and how you’ll be a completely new person will never work. While it may just bring her back for a bit, she will eventually leave. And when she does decide to pack up and leave, you’ll be even worse off than before.

He also warns against calling up your ex girlfriend up and using this relationship killing words: We need to talk…please. Also- he advises us to do exactly the opposite of what our natural instincts tell us to do in a break up. Now, what I really like about his guide is the fact that he offers a systemic, methodological approach to successfully win back your ex girlfriend.

One method is to understand the psychology of a woman. He reveals some interesting bits of a woman’s psychology and how you can use that knowledge to work in your advantage. Basically, he reveals five steps which he explains, if put to use properly will put her on the right track and back with you where she belongs.

To find out more about Dr. George Karanastasis”guide, please click here

The steps in his system are outlined in this way:

Five positive strategies to get your ex girlfriend back
The correct words to say when your ex girlfriend calls you
How to transfer the balance of power back to you
Quickly eliminating the past so that the pain of the breakup is forgotten.

Unlike a lot of other relationship books out there, he does not teach you to be manipulative. What he offers is a system that understands that every situation and reason for the break up is unique- so what you get in his guide us a system that you can tailor for your own unique situation.

What’s nice is that the guide comes with a couple of bonuses.

Bonus One:

Case Closed: Real Life Examples Of Men’s Relationship Repair”

This bonus discusses about the mistakes most people make in a relationship, and how to avoid making these fatal mistakes that could make her leave you.

Bonus Two:

Cashback: Finding Hope In A ‘Hollywood’ Film

Who ever knew that reading about a movie can offer someone so much insight into all things to do with a relationship? This is a nice report because when you’re done with it, you actually know that you can absolutely get your ex girlfriend back.

The Cons

Okay, I found that although the information contained in the guide to be very informative, it can be a hard read. The content is pretty dry, and you probably will not be able to read the guide in one go. It’s like trying to read a medical encyclopedia for lack of a better description. Then again, what did you expect from a physician turned author?

The Verdict

All in all, I think the package is quite decent- the price is fair and the information pretty solid. Of course, this is only a review, I have not tested the methods described in his guide so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness. But if I know one thing, is that if you want to get her back- you shouldn’t wait to do something.

Again, even if you don’t get the guide, look for information elsewhere and see what makes sense and follow those advice.

You need to act fast if you’ve just had the break up.

Every second that you wait, the higher the chances are that she may find a new boyfriend.

You can check it the guide out by clicking here

Once again:

You do not want to wait to take action because YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Do something, but make sure you don’t do all of the things that drive her further away. Again, get GOOD solid advice that works so that you can get her back.

Magic of making up review

Click here to learn more about the Magic of Making Up

Magic of Making Up: A Review of the Guide authored by T.W. Jackson.

If you’re looking for an effective guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back, (or ex wife) I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing one of the most popular relationship guides out there. It’s called the Magic of Making Up. The big question is: Is it any good? Will it show you how to get her back for good? And just as important- keep her with you for as long as you want?

As I’ve mentioned- this is a highly successful guide for people that have “lost” someone that they truly care about and want to get back together. The truth is, when you’ve lost that special someone that you had a certain irreplaceable “chemistry” with- it can be quite difficult to find that same chemistry in another person. That’s not to say it’s impossible of course. But it’s not going to be easy. I know what I’m talking about since it happened to me. But we’re not here to talk about me. Let’s get on with the review of the guide. You want something that will work, and there’s no time to waste.

The Pros

What I really like about this guide is his simple, easy to follow steps on the course of action that you must take to salvage the relationship and get her back. His advice and techniques are founded on the principles of honesty, which I feel is really different from the other countless relationship guides that I’ve read in the past.

What’s important about this is that it offers you a different perspective about a relationship, and how you can create a long and lasting relationship after you successfully get your ex girlfriend back. Most guides that I’ve read seem to offer “techniques” that work to get a “response” but does not explain in any length about where to go from there.

When you read through his guide, you can’t help but get this feeling that you’re taking a journey of self-discovery and learning about yourself in the process. Remember when I mentioned earlier that his methods are founded on the principles of honesty? What you’ll learn from this guide is how to essentially gain her trust back completely and how to approach your ex girfriend in a way so that she will open up and talk. (which could be difficult when you don’t know how and where to start) He also shows you how to “fix” the damage that may have caused the break up in the first place.

Again, what is different about his advice is that it’s all about honesty. He tells us that if we made a mistake in the past, it’s best to come clean and start all over with a clean slate. That means owning up to your mistake so that you can gain her trust again. He does not however, tell you that you’ll have to get down on your knees and start begging your ex girlfriend for forgiveness! (not that this is going to work anyways)

He shows you exactly how to do this in a way that will surprise your ex girlfriend but most importantly- deliver results.

To find out more about the Magic of Making Up please click here

What I really find to be interesting is the fact that while he speaks about honesty quite a bit, (after all it’s the underlining principle of his methods) is that he does tell you to apply some really “manipulative” tatics that is quite the contradiction of course.

Some of these tatics have been offered in other guides and although I personally do not like using manipulative tatics, I personally know some folks that have applied this type of tatics with a lot of success. He also shares some original “new” tatics that some of the people that have purchased the guide will swear by.

To sum it up, I really like what he offers in his guide: Why? He shares three key principles that are not found in other guides: but most importantly- I believe will be extremely effective.

The Honest Approach
The Clean Slate
Fast Forward Techniques

Other things that I like: Some good bonuses, a fair price and best of all- a 60 day money back guarantee. Since this guide is sold through Click Bank, you will never have a refund problem. Click Bank is known for its no nonsense refund policies. This is to ensure the quality of the products that are sold through Click Bank.

The Cons

The guide starts out with some cliche, nonsense warnings about how the methods presented in the guide are so immensely powerful and secretive that the content should come with the general surgeons’ warning label. It goes on to say that the knowledge in the guide should never be abused and used in a way that could end up breaking a poor girl’s heart and all of the other mumbo jumbo.

Yeah, we get it.

It’s all quite unnecessary and counter productive. He also goes on to say that his methods while effective, has made certain powerful relationship counselors really angry and wants us to think that everyone’s out to get him.

A typical sales page that seems all too focused on convincing us that his methods are so secretive that they might as well be classified documents does not help and is in fact quite annoying.

All of this may be a big put off for someone who is genuinely looking for help and information that can salvage their relationship.

While hype is a necessary evil, overdoing it may put some people off. And then there’s his advice on food and sex which I find to be “typical” of the other guides.

The verdict:

What I like about this guide is how T.W Jackson will walk you through the whole process from the get go and right up to the end. What is offered in his guide despite all of the “hype” is excellent and the content presents itself to be quite original. What I am convinced about is that his methods can work, and is extremely effective. Again, I would personally give this a shot if I needed someone to walk me through a process to get my ex girlfriend back. To find out more about the Magic of Making Up please click here. You could still save the relationship.

I truly believe that the information in his guide can work and wished that this was available four years ago when I really needed it.

There are certainly days when I look back and wonder how things might have been if I had picked up this guide. Even if you don’t pick this guide up, please do something to save your relationship before she’s out of your life forever. Once that happens, you will lose this person that you love so much forever. And that’s really a long time.

Best of luck!

Text your ex back review


Find out more about Text your Ex Back program

Text Your Ex Back: A Review of the Guide authored by Michael Fiore’

If you’ve lost someone special and you want to know how to get her back for good then you’re at the right place. This post reviews another top selling program in the marketplace for people that need help in getting their loved ones back. Whether it’s your ex girlfriend or ex wife, this guide promises to work but let’s see shall we? This is a real genuine user review- so you can expect only sincere and genuine reviews of the product.

We’re all aware that in life, that knowledge is important. Knowledge could mean all the difference between failure and success. That’s why we sign up for money making courses conducted by successful people and read books by people who have specialized knowledge in their chosen field of expertise.

So who is Michael Fiore? And why should we listen to him?

If you do a search for his name, you’ll see that he claims to have apparently taught thousands of men and women in the world on how to use simple text messages which had drastically improved the quality of passion and romance in their relationship. It doesn’t matter how “bad” things seemed to be. He claims to have revolutionized the way text messages could be used to create high levels of intimacy and desire with girls that he dated just by using a simple formula. It seems that his obsession with texting came when he was single and quite desperate! So when he shared his “secret” formula with friends that were married and friends committed in long term relationships, he claimed that the results astounded him.

And now he’s sharing this “secret” with the rest of the world. (Lucky us!) Of course, he’s had some form of success and apparently his program sells quite well and has made him a small fortune. He even received rave reviews from sex advice columnists and from Eastern European Clerics! (At least that’s what it says..)

Also, he was recently interviewed by mainstream media sites and relationship experts about his method of using technology to improve human relationship.

Residing in Seattle Washington, Michael lives with his girlfriend and a Australian Shepard pooch that goes by the name Jedi.(how cool is that?) So that’s essentially who Michael Fiore is.

Michael Fiore has been called a guru on relationships and the originator of Text Your Ex Back, a system that he promises will work if applied correctly.

The Pros

Let’s start off by saying that I like that he has this position about wanting to get an ex back for the right reasons. I feel this is important because many of us don’t really think about this. Satisfying our personal egos is a big no no and this guide advises against this. The reasons why you should get the knowledge on how to get her back for good and keep her is this: You must genuinely miss and legitimately appreciate your ex girlfriend.

It’s also crucial that you’ve had a true connection and the reasons for the break up was not owed to any type of abuse whether it’s physical or emotional. I thought it was important that Michael Fiore made this very clear in the guide as a wake up call for people that want their ex back for the wrong reasons.

I also like the fact that this course is extremely easy to follow and understand. What’s even more interesting is that you’ll even get the exact proven messages to text your ex girlfriend- so obviously, you can’t go wrong. Talk about doing all the work for you.

You’ll also get a PDF guide, a couple of bonuses and audio interviews. I like it that he even shows how you can properly apply Facebook as an effective tool to get a response from your ex girlfriend and others. In his course, you’ll be taught how to manage your expectations, understand how the break up happened and correct SMS texting techniques.

You also get to learn about all the do’s and don’ts about texting and the one fatal mistake everyone trying to get back with their ex girlfriends makes when they use the cellphone as a tool.

Some “no no” examples include: sending a simple “Hi” or “What’s Up?” You get to learn why doing this can kill any chances of you getting back with your ex girlfriend. You’ll be taught certain techniques like “across the bow” texts that he claims to be highly effective.

I really like that there are valuable techniques that you can definitely learn from this course, techniques that if they were not taught to you that you’d have to learn the hard way from years of experience. (and heartbreaks I suppose) The price is also pretty reasonable and the fact that you get the exact SMS texts more than justifies it. A definite 60 day back guarantee is also offered so all in all- the course is pretty decent.

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When you go to the site, you are told that you can expect to get some real tips and working techniques on how to effectively text to get your ex girlfriend back. Instead all you get about 15 minutes of sales pitch and a purchase button at the bottom of the video. If someone went to his sales page, they would probably never purchase the course because they would have felt a huge sense of disappointment.

Again, most people use a lot of hype to sell their products today so Text your Ex back by Michael Fiore is no exception. Expect lots of annoying “unconventional” never revealed type of secrets sales pitch that do nothing except to annoy. I understand that hype is important, but too much is a real put off.

And if you have relevant and proven techniques or even information- chances are that people will never want to hit the purchase button and buy it. It’s quite a shame really, because he really does have relevant techniques and also good information in his course. If there’s anything else that I do not agree with this course is that this course, like the others in the market- makes an adamant stand about applying the “no contact rule”.

It simply means that you should not never see your ex girlfriend for over a period of about 2 to 4 weeks at best- To me, I think 4 weeks is just too long and from personal experience doing this could put the chances of getting back with your ex in the mud- let’s face this- anything can and will happen in the course of 4 weeks.

Believe me when I say this. Girls that go through a break up are always a little more vulnerable than your average male. And a lot more needy. This is the part that I strongly disagree with about this program.

I believe that 2 weeks is more than enough for you to pick up the pieces and put into action a plan to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you do decide to go with his program though, I would then strongly advise you to stick with his instructions. If you want to check out the Magic of Making up which actually breaks the no contact rule, please click here

The Verdict:

If you need help and feel comfortable using your cell as a tool to get your ex girlfriend back, then I highly recommended this program. I will say that this program is well worth the investment, it could show you how to get her back for good.

Again- the fact that you’ll get ready made messages that promises results is a no brainer. Plus, there’s a money back guarantee that comes with the territory when a product is sold through Click Bank.

Click Bank is well known to honor refund requests so that people that sell their programs with Click Bank makes sure that their programs are of the highest quality. Click Here to see the program

I make it a point to always end by saying that if you know that this girl is the one for you- do not let her go if possible. If you understand what the word forever means, you’ll understand that once she is gone, she is gone forever.

Getting Her Back For Good

Hey there, losing someone that you care for is tough. If you’ve jsut broken up with your girlfriend, we know how hard it can be.

And that shouldn’t happen to anyone whenever possible. Especially when you know that this girl is your soul mate and someone just made for you. Someone right for you. This isn’t to say that there will never be anyone else in this world for you.

However, finding another “soul mate” takes a lot patience and sometimes: a little time.

We’ll talk more about what a soul mate really is and discuss other relevant topics here soon. Also, we will review relationship books in the marketplace so that you’ll have an idea which one would best work for you.

Also, we’ll do our best to offer you “proven” methods that have worked for tons of folks that want to get their ex girlfriend back.

In the meantime..

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