How to Get Her Back For Good Review

How to Get Her Back for Good Review. Author: George Karanastasis

It’s true. You know, that old saying that we never know how good we have it until it’s gone. And in this case, it’s that someone special. Now when I say special, I mean special. You know what I mean.

At first, it doesn’t hit you. You figure what the heck, everything’s really so much better now that your ex girlfriend is gone. No more fighting, no more worries about trying to find that few extra dollars to take her out and stuff like that. Then it starts. That feeling that your life’s not really the same anymore.

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You start to miss all the things that you used to do together, and that special feeling you’ve always had when you were with your ex girlfriend. The things she did, the way she would say things and ahem., probably how good she was in bed…again, you get the idea.

Look, unless your ex girlfriend is already married to someone- you can still have her back. This blog exists because I never want to see someone lose a person that he cares deeply for. If you’ve read my other posts, you’d see why.

I lost someone really special, and it’s never been the same again. Again, losing someone that you have a special chemistry with really-, is not the end of the world of course.

There are a million of other fishes in the sea (so they say)- but if you can still save it, then why not?


Now if you want to successfully learn how to get her back for good, then you might as well learn it from someone that knows how to do it. That’s why we review guides like this here.

So let’s get back to the review.

Again, I’m reviewing another popular relationship guide that’s written by Dr. George Karanastasis, a doctor by profession. But is it any good? Will it work? That’s what we’re going to find out.

The Pros

His guide essentially, was written from his own past experiences and interactions with women that he’s been in relationships before. He bares it all in his guide, and tells you about all the failed attempts that he’s had in trying to get back the woman that he “could not forget”. Why is this a good thing? His advice is based on real “experience”- so that means that you don’t have to literally make those same mistakes that could kill any chances of a reconciliation.

In his guide, he also talks about some “typical” mistakes that most people will make when they’re faced with this situation.

He explains why these methods will never work and warn you against trying them. For example, why swearing that you will change if she’s back with you and how you’ll be a completely new person will never work. While it may just bring her back for a bit, she will eventually leave. And when she does decide to pack up and leave, you’ll be even worse off than before.

He also warns against calling up your ex girlfriend up and using this relationship killing words: We need to talk…please. Also- he advises us to do exactly the opposite of what our natural instincts tell us to do in a break up. Now, what I really like about his guide is the fact that he offers a systemic, methodological approach to successfully win back your ex girlfriend.

One method is to understand the psychology of a woman. He reveals some interesting bits of a woman’s psychology and how you can use that knowledge to work in your advantage. Basically, he reveals five steps which he explains, if put to use properly will put her on the right track and back with you where she belongs.

To find out more about Dr. George Karanastasis”guide, please click here

The steps in his system are outlined in this way:

Five positive strategies to get your ex girlfriend back
The correct words to say when your ex girlfriend calls you
How to transfer the balance of power back to you
Quickly eliminating the past so that the pain of the breakup is forgotten.

Unlike a lot of other relationship books out there, he does not teach you to be manipulative. What he offers is a system that understands that every situation and reason for the break up is unique- so what you get in his guide us a system that you can tailor for your own unique situation.

What’s nice is that the guide comes with a couple of bonuses.

Bonus One:

Case Closed: Real Life Examples Of Men’s Relationship Repair”

This bonus discusses about the mistakes most people make in a relationship, and how to avoid making these fatal mistakes that could make her leave you.

Bonus Two:

Cashback: Finding Hope In A ‘Hollywood’ Film

Who ever knew that reading about a movie can offer someone so much insight into all things to do with a relationship? This is a nice report because when you’re done with it, you actually know that you can absolutely get your ex girlfriend back.

The Cons

Okay, I found that although the information contained in the guide to be very informative, it can be a hard read. The content is pretty dry, and you probably will not be able to read the guide in one go. It’s like trying to read a medical encyclopedia for lack of a better description. Then again, what did you expect from a physician turned author?

The Verdict

All in all, I think the package is quite decent- the price is fair and the information pretty solid. Of course, this is only a review, I have not tested the methods described in his guide so I can’t vouch for its effectiveness. But if I know one thing, is that if you want to get her back- you shouldn’t wait to do something.

Again, even if you don’t get the guide, look for information elsewhere and see what makes sense and follow those advice.

You need to act fast if you’ve just had the break up.

Every second that you wait, the higher the chances are that she may find a new boyfriend.

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Once again:

You do not want to wait to take action because YOU WILL LOSE YOUR EX GIRLFRIEND. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Do something, but make sure you don’t do all of the things that drive her further away. Again, get GOOD solid advice that works so that you can get her back.