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Text Your Ex Back: A Review of the Guide authored by Michael Fiore’

If you’ve lost someone special and you want to know how to get her back for good then you’re at the right place. This post reviews another top selling program in the marketplace for people that need help in getting their loved ones back. Whether it’s your ex girlfriend or ex wife, this guide promises to work but let’s see shall we? This is a real genuine user review- so you can expect only sincere and genuine reviews of the product.

We’re all aware that in life, that knowledge is important. Knowledge could mean all the difference between failure and success. That’s why we sign up for money making courses conducted by successful people and read books by people who have specialized knowledge in their chosen field of expertise.

So who is Michael Fiore? And why should we listen to him?

If you do a search for his name, you’ll see that he claims to have apparently taught thousands of men and women in the world on how to use simple text messages which had drastically improved the quality of passion and romance in their relationship. It doesn’t matter how “bad” things seemed to be. He claims to have revolutionized the way text messages could be used to create high levels of intimacy and desire with girls that he dated just by using a simple formula. It seems that his obsession with texting came when he was single and quite desperate! So when he shared his “secret” formula with friends that were married and friends committed in long term relationships, he claimed that the results astounded him.

And now he’s sharing this “secret” with the rest of the world. (Lucky us!) Of course, he’s had some form of success and apparently his program sells quite well and has made him a small fortune. He even received rave reviews from sex advice columnists and from Eastern European Clerics! (At least that’s what it says..)

Also, he was recently interviewed by mainstream media sites and relationship experts about his method of using technology to improve human relationship.

Residing in Seattle Washington, Michael lives with his girlfriend and a Australian Shepard pooch that goes by the name Jedi.(how cool is that?) So that’s essentially who Michael Fiore is.

Michael Fiore has been called a guru on relationships and the originator of Text Your Ex Back, a system that he promises will work if applied correctly.

The Pros

Let’s start off by saying that I like that he has this position about wanting to get an ex back for the right reasons. I feel this is important because many of us don’t really think about this. Satisfying our personal egos is a big no no and this guide advises against this. The reasons why you should get the knowledge on how to get her back for good and keep her is this: You must genuinely miss and legitimately appreciate your ex girlfriend.

It’s also crucial that you’ve had a true connection and the reasons for the break up was not owed to any type of abuse whether it’s physical or emotional. I thought it was important that Michael Fiore made this very clear in the guide as a wake up call for people that want their ex back for the wrong reasons.

I also like the fact that this course is extremely easy to follow and understand. What’s even more interesting is that you’ll even get the exact proven messages to text your ex girlfriend- so obviously, you can’t go wrong. Talk about doing all the work for you.

You’ll also get a PDF guide, a couple of bonuses and audio interviews. I like it that he even shows how you can properly apply Facebook as an effective tool to get a response from your ex girlfriend and others. In his course, you’ll be taught how to manage your expectations, understand how the break up happened and correct SMS texting techniques.

You also get to learn about all the do’s and don’ts about texting and the one fatal mistake everyone trying to get back with their ex girlfriends makes when they use the cellphone as a tool.

Some “no no” examples include: sending a simple “Hi” or “What’s Up?” You get to learn why doing this can kill any chances of you getting back with your ex girlfriend. You’ll be taught certain techniques like “across the bow” texts that he claims to be highly effective.

I really like that there are valuable techniques that you can definitely learn from this course, techniques that if they were not taught to you that you’d have to learn the hard way from years of experience. (and heartbreaks I suppose) The price is also pretty reasonable and the fact that you get the exact SMS texts more than justifies it. A definite 60 day back guarantee is also offered so all in all- the course is pretty decent.

Find out more about Text your Ex Back program


When you go to the site, you are told that you can expect to get some real tips and working techniques on how to effectively text to get your ex girlfriend back. Instead all you get about 15 minutes of sales pitch and a purchase button at the bottom of the video. If someone went to his sales page, they would probably never purchase the course because they would have felt a huge sense of disappointment.

Again, most people use a lot of hype to sell their products today so Text your Ex back by Michael Fiore is no exception. Expect lots of annoying “unconventional” never revealed type of secrets sales pitch that do nothing except to annoy. I understand that hype is important, but too much is a real put off.

And if you have relevant and proven techniques or even information- chances are that people will never want to hit the purchase button and buy it. It’s quite a shame really, because he really does have relevant techniques and also good information in his course. If there’s anything else that I do not agree with this course is that this course, like the others in the market- makes an adamant stand about applying the “no contact rule”.

It simply means that you should not never see your ex girlfriend for over a period of about 2 to 4 weeks at best- To me, I think 4 weeks is just too long and from personal experience doing this could put the chances of getting back with your ex in the mud- let’s face this- anything can and will happen in the course of 4 weeks.

Believe me when I say this. Girls that go through a break up are always a little more vulnerable than your average male. And a lot more needy. This is the part that I strongly disagree with about this program.

I believe that 2 weeks is more than enough for you to pick up the pieces and put into action a plan to get your ex girlfriend back.

If you do decide to go with his program though, I would then strongly advise you to stick with his instructions. If you want to check out the Magic of Making up which actually breaks the no contact rule, please click here

The Verdict:

If you need help and feel comfortable using your cell as a tool to get your ex girlfriend back, then I highly recommended this program. I will say that this program is well worth the investment, it could show you how to get her back for good.

Again- the fact that you’ll get ready made messages that promises results is a no brainer. Plus, there’s a money back guarantee that comes with the territory when a product is sold through Click Bank.

Click Bank is well known to honor refund requests so that people that sell their programs with Click Bank makes sure that their programs are of the highest quality. Click Here to see the program

I make it a point to always end by saying that if you know that this girl is the one for you- do not let her go if possible. If you understand what the word forever means, you’ll understand that once she is gone, she is gone forever.