How To Get Her To Pursue You

by The Wolf Dude (with a big thank you to Ashley) on September 5th, 2012

frustrated girl So you want your girlfriend back. Well, try using this (I’m not going to give this method a name or whatever this time) and see if this works for you. If you’ve tried everything else and you’re still stuck, give this a shot. What have you got to lose anyways right? Just try this and let me know how it pans out okay?

So what do I do already?

This method works on the principle of triggering the human psyche, basically imprinted into our heads (call it programming if you want) since caveman days- so it’ll likely work to evoke a response from your girlfriend like a charm. (don’t send bomb threats if it doesn’t though..)

Ever hear of that saying- people always desire what they can’t have??

Of course you have. Duh.

People always want the things that they can’t have. You know what’s the funny part though? It’s when they have it- you know, then they don’t want it no more.

Of course, that’s what makes us human beings and not some piece of walking talking metal tin cans or something. But why, oh why do we always want what we can never have?

Well, it’s this darn thing inside of us (humans) that drives and pushes us to move forward. To advance. To build the tallest buildings. To fly. Whatever. Call it an instinct to survive and evolve. Who the censored knows? And who cares anyways? What’s important is to know that all of us regardless of our sex have this “drive” inside of us. So this is what will make this little trick work.

So tell me already you ass.

Okay, okay. Now, take a minute and think about what I’m about to say.

Your girlfriend or ex wife is rejecting you because they KNOW that you want them a lot more than they desire you.

Does that make sense? Of course.

So it’s going to be your job now to make her “believe” that you’re not interested anymore. That you’re moving on and you’re chasing some other skirt. Okay?

So what the heck is that going to achieve?

Well, she’s going to be really confused. She’ll start wondering what the heck’s changed.

She’s going to be asking how it is that you’re able to move on when most of the times, she’s still trying to cope with the break up.

Naturally, she’ll start to wonder if you’re dating a hot red head or a brunette. (take your pick) Plus, it’ll drive her nuts thinking that you might be happy.

Now that she can’t have you NO MORE, guess what? She’s going to want to pursue old little you.

It’s human nature dude. I’m telling you. Why, she’ll be so jealous that you’re seeing someone it’ll turn her pretty face so blue you’d swear she could breathe underwater.

Even if she’s seeing some other guy, I can guarantee you that she’ll always almost be “thinking” about you. She won’t be able to help herself so don’t blame her.

Now for the TOUGH PART

You’re going to need a strong stomach to pull this off. Why? Your own natural instinct is to want to get her to come back to you. Naturally, you’ll still want to show her how much you still care and all of that.

So have a strategy to win, grasshopper.

The hardest part? Changing the way that you think and actually believing that you’re OKAY and “over” the relationship.

Okay, I’m game.

Great. Now you want to do this:

  • Send her a hand written letter (it’s better this way) and say that you’ve accepted the break up, you’re doing A-okay.
  • Don’t be coy or go over in your letter about this. All you want to do is to sound happy but not arrogant
  • Thou shalt keep thy letter short. (a hundred words will do okay?)
  • End your letter with a carrot dangling right in front of your ex girlfriend. Read any comic books or watch any t.v episodes and you’ll an idea of why you’d want to do that. End it with something like: I’m psyched about the weekend, meeting this new person. You know it’s… never mind, call me if you wanna..
  • This is ending it with a “carrot” in front of her and evoking a emotional response from her which is leaving her naturally curious. (it’s human nature again)
  • Notice that the ending part of the letter sounds natural and not arrogant. (which is important) You’ve insinuated that you may be “Dating” someone (which is exactly what we want) and you can believe that she will want to know more!
Important: Don’t leave out a call for action in your letter. In this case, it’s the call me if you wanna. It’s the basis for every sales letter, sales call whatever to get a response. Just don’t sound desperate and write something like I’m okay to talk anytime you want to cause I’m here for you baby or something to that effect. Okay?

So what now?

Take it easy and wait for her to call you. If she doesn’t well, here’s what you can do. You can send her a text message by “accident”- which can go something like “okay, I’ll catch up with you tomorrow” and then by sending “opps, sent the message to your number”.

Maintain no contact from the point of the letter until she calls you or makes contact with you. This is reverse psychology 101 in case you’re wondering. This will get her to constantly think about you whether she wants to or not.

Reverse psychology is powerful sh**t and has worked for tons of folks- so just give it a go.

It isn’t over yet:

Obviously, it doesn’t stop here and more often than not, you’ll have your work cut out for you. You’ll need to keep up the momentum of the “pursuit” and make sure that she’s always the one who is “stalking” you until she says she wants back into the relationship.

If you want the complete no holds barred course to get her back, then check out the ex recovery system to your right. The system covers everything from the get go up to the part where she’s ready to come back into the relationship.

Plus- It’s backed with a no nonsense CLICKBANK money back guarantee so there’s no way you can lose if you don’t think it’ll work out for you.

Next time: We understand that each and every relationship or break up is unique and may require different approaches. We’ll take a look at this the next time.

Stay calm always and peace to you.

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3 thoughts on “How To Get Her To Pursue You

  1. I have been reading through your page. To me, my situation is a little different. My ex is the type of woman that cuts people out of her life permanently for lesser offences! She has made it clear that she will never ever want me back! She beliefs I’ve cheated on her and there is no changing her mind! I have a 30yr history with her and have always wanted her to be my wife!

    • Thanks for sharing Howard. Yes, there will be girls or people that will not hesitate to say and do exactly what is on their minds. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to disagree with you, I’ll stay my tongue this time because it’s apparent to me that you know what you’re talking about. Anyway, there are plenty of other beautiful women out there so we’ll just have to pick ourselves up and move on. There are worse things in life.

  2. Cont. I forgot to mention that she is a strong willed corporate woman. The idea of chasing another skirt was her idea so she could move on! She is very serious about that! So for me to hint at the idea would be a relief to her. Not something that would cause her to become jealous but reinforce the idea of me being a skirt chasing cheat! How is this going to work for me? We have been dating for three years now.

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