Take these simple first steps

Hey, how are you doing?

Not so good huh?

Well, I know how hard a break up can be.

Sometimes it can feel like someone’s tearing out your heart and ripping it to pieces.

I feel it.

I get it.

Been there before.

And I want to help.

So if you want to know how to get her back for good, then you’ll need to take a couple of minutes and listen to what I’ve got to say.

Of course, after you read the information here, it’d be in your best interests to put your plan into action if you want to achieve your desired goal:

Which is to get back with your ex of course. (you didn’t think you could win without a plan now did you?)

Well, here we go.

You can begin the whole process by first taking these few simple steps:

Number one: Break Contact!

  • First things first, you’ll have to break all contact off with your ex. Yeah, you heard right. And yes, I know that can be tough. But all you need is 3 to 4 weeks. That’s not too bad right? Now if you’ve been studying every article on this site, you’ll notice that every contributor has their own views and strategies on how to best go about this. This is my take and personal view on the subject, and this method has worked for a whole bunch of people. So first things first: Break contact.
  •  If you feel that 3-4 weeks is too long-remember: you have a battle ahead whether you choose to believe that or not. And if you want to win this battle you’ll just have to handle it. At first, you will miss not talking to her. A lot. I won’t lie to you. That’s the bad news. Now here’s the good news. This little method is going to make her miss you too. That’s the gist of this whole strategy. If you lay off for a while, she will not be able to help but wonder what’s up with you. It’s just human nature and that’s exactly what we want happen.

Give her time to chill so that she can think about you.

  • Okay, if you’ve actually tried reasoning with her at an earlier point in time, and asking her to give the both of you another “chance”- you’d already have a pretty good idea that trying this little stunt again isn’t going to work better than it did yesterday. If it did, you wouldn’t be here right? So do something different. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is something called insanity. Ever hear about it? So by laying off, and not calling her every other day, you will get her mind to wonder about you. Not only that, but she will actually have the time to “calm down”.  If you’ve read the other articles here, you will know why this is important.
  • What’s going to happen next is that she will start to feel like she’s all alone. (even if she’s seeing someone else, she will think of you) Listen, if you are still keeping in touch with her and calling her every other day, you are giving her the moral “SUPPORT” to deal with the break up. She will also feel the need to tell her new boyfriend (assuming she has one) about the “pressure” that you are giving her.

Chill and figure out your relationship

  • By breaking off contact for the next 3-4 weeks, you’ll have the time to figure out and think about what went wrong in the relationship. Ask yourself some “hard” questions and please, be honest with yourself.  Questions such as : Is she actually someone that I really want to be with..she expects me to be there every time she calls…she expects me to spend all my time with her. Or: Have I tried my best to really understand her needs? Do I actually make enough time for her..? Do I yell at her at the smallest things?  Do I get jealous all the time over trivial matters like her wanting to keep in touch with another guy friend?? Or did she break up with you because you’re just not giving her enough space?  Knowing what caused the actual break up will help you to better understand how to get her back for good.

Do you know what it is?

  • Did she ask to break up over a quarrel about not being able to take her out on the weekend for a movie because you wanted to spend it with the guys watching Super Bowl? And because you were angry, you agreed to it? Or was it actually you who suggested the break up because she wouldn’t give you that weekend with your buddies? Then, relax. This is easy to “fix”.
  • Or is the break up caused over a loss of attraction for you? If this is the case, then you’ll have to learn and educate yourself on what makes a man attractive to a woman and how to get her attracted to you again. Again, if you’ve gone through this site and read everything, you’ll know what it is that you’re going to have to do to get that attraction going for you again. Pick up this excellent book about attracting women. There’s always hope so do not GIVE UP. If you want to fast track your success (and get her away from the other guy as quickly as possible!!) why not click here and learn how you can accomplish that without worrying if you’ll do it wrong. Every second counts. The longer you wait, you’re giving the “other guy” or her “new boyfriend” the chance to take it to the next level in their “relationship.”
  • Now that you actually understand why it’s so important to know what caused the break up in the first place, you’ll know what you’ll need to do to make things work. Because you took the time off to think about your relationship, you’ll also know if you ACTUALLY want her back. Remember, if you value your “freedom” more than a relationship at this moment, you may not want to pursue the goal of getting her back.
  • I am not saying that you have to be a “WUSS” and bend over every time your girlfriend asks you to. (By being a “wuss” you’re not going to be attractive to any woman including your ex anyways so don’t do it!)
  • But you’ll have to understand that you must be able to meet her “needs” and that might mean investing a lot more time into your relationship (equals spending time with her) then you’re actually ready to. This is especially true if your girlfriend caught you cheating and that caused the break up. (You may not actually be ready for a real relationship!)

So what now?

  • Get control of your life. We’ve covered this in another article on this site, so take the time and go through all that information so that you’ll know why this is especially important.
  • You must not be desperate. (again, if you haven’t take the time to read the information on this site, please do so)  Even after taking the time to ask yourself those questions and knowing exactly what it is that caused the break up and knowing for sure that you want the relationship with her, chill. Do not call her up explaining how you’ve changed and all of that! Hold it for a sec! Women just despise and utterly hate desperate men , so chill.
  • Go out and meet other women. Get busy my friend and do something worthwhile. Take up ballet, learn drifting, whatever. The goal here is to get your mind off her and you can do that by taking up a new hobby! (Who knows, you might even meet a hotter girl than your ex and this will make you more confident- so do this already..)

Make Contact

  • Always keep your conversations with your ex brief. I’m assuming that she has made some type of contact with you after letting the dust settle for about 3-4 weeks. If she doesn’t (which is cool) initiate the contact but avoid sounding like you’re a love sick puppy, drowning or something to that effect.
  • Keep it simple and do not talk about the past. You are starting NEW here. Keep your conversation as “formal” as possible.
  • Your objectives are really simple. You are calling to see that she’s okay. And to let her know that you are okay too.
  • Don’t go into overdrive if she talks to you about her new boyfriend. You can never appear to be desperate at any point in time. Being desperate will destroy any attraction that you’ve worked your ass off for the past month or so to build.
  • If you’ve been keeping your contact with her casual, she will become comfortable around you. Now, you’re ready to take the next step. Asking her out.
  • Casually do this and find the right moment ask her to “hang out” with you. If she says no the first time, don’t take the rejection personally. She might be genuinely busy. Be patient and ask again in a few days time. There’s no reason why she will not want to “hang out” with you. (if you’ve followed the methods step by step)
  • Make your “dates” brief and create a powerful experience for her. For example: Surprise her by appearing to be spontaneous. Women like a man that is sure and confident and knows what he wants. Don’t ask her where to go. YOU decide where to go. Take charge. Women think that confidence in a man is sexy. And forget about going to the movies and dinner for now. You can for example: drive down to the closest coolest club (just the both of you) and party away for the next hour or so. Remember to make the experience “magical, brief and powerful.” Flirt a little if you must, but do not go overboard with this! Your attitude should always be: We’re just here to have fun, and that’s it. Remember: Keep your “dates” short but “exciting”. This is where you’ll have to make the time to plan your “dates” and make them “incredible experiences”. Repeat and rinse. And take it from there.

Now that you know some ways that you can start off with to get your girlfriend back, take action.

Look, every second counts (Do not forget the Break contact rule though) so you must take action now. Put into action what you’ve just read and you’ll see it happen.

Remember, if you don’t do anything, eventually she’s going to do more than let the other guy hold her in his arms.

So if you still feel like you need help why not let someone help you. Click here and find out how you can get the one that you love back with confidence, step by step.

All the best, and have faith in yourself.

This is the wolf dude signing off…

Take care.

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