How to get her back for good fast guide

picture for how to get her back for good guideIf you here because you want to know how to get her back for good, then you’ve probably felt this way before. One moment you were holding her delicate hands, whispering softly into her ears and kissing her luscious lips .

Now , she’s become a complete stranger leaving you behind and feeling all alone.


Your relationship

Relationships can start off like a dream but can turn sour at a moment’s notice leading to the inevitable!

A break up .

Then again, there are those that somehow reunite soon after .

Then again, there are couples that never find their way back .

If your girlfriend is already seeing someone, you may want to take action and find out how you can get her back quickly before they take it to the next level.

Relationships are complex to say the least .

Yes, a relationship is an extremely complex and ambiguous beast if I may say.

As you know, many relationships can start off in a wide variety of ways, and owing to a good number of reasons.

First Way

Girls that put a priority on finding a man who is rich will normally find themselves coupled with a wealthy person even if they are not attracted to that person .

However, she may decide to pack her bags without warning and leave for another richer guy who can give her more new toys and provide for her every whim and fancy .

Does this sound familiar? Are you the wealthy guy in question? If so, please forget about her .

This may sound harsh but the only solution and best thing to do is to press forward and find another girl who isn’t with you just because just because of your success .

Check this out. There are countless drop dead gorgeous women out there just needing someone to love and give them affection so why not you?

Why not give your “love” to someone else that deserves it?

Really, there are so many beautiful girls that want you for who you are.

Don’t think so? You need to get your act together!

Am I being too hard on you? Nope, I am revealing the truth to you!

The only reason why you feel this way is because you don’t realize your own potential.

This is another topic and we can’t go into this here.

We just won’t have time to cover this here.

You should consider picking up some great written material out there about this subject.

Second Way

Let’s talk about the guy that will chase a girl to the ends of the earth and beyond even after a girl repeatedly rejects his “advances”.

Sometimes he wins, sometimes he doesn’t.

A girl who may not have been initially attracted to a guy may eventually give in just because of his sheer determination.

Of course, because a relationship is a complex beast, this type of relationship could also end she finally ends up meeting someone else she is more attracted to .

More often than not, a girl are more likely to remain in a relationship rather then break it up because of the desire to feel “safe” and “secure”.

Third Way

There are instances when a couple may have been pushed into a relationship, whether it’s through some form of arrangement conceived by their parents, friends or whatever.

In this instance, it’s possible that one of the other may have been attracted to each other.

Sometimes even a relationship such as this can last for many varied reasons. Other times it doesn’t and a break up or separation happens.

Fourth Way

You were introduced to this hot red head and the attraction began for the both of you!

Sadly, one may lose attraction for the other along the way and a break up happens.

It may be that one simply feels that the other isn’t suited to him or her and wants to end the relationship.

Fifth Way

A third party comes into the picture and changes everything.

The new player quickly begins the dating game with your girlfriend and she suddenly “thinks” he’s better for her.

Of course, even then, a relationship between the “new” couple may end up in tears for many reasons later down the road.

Sixth Way

The both of you met and instantly had that connection. It was perfect.

But it soon turns ugly, when the fighting begins over some lame weekend plan.

Without warning it happens and you break up with her over that silly quarrel that we discussed earlier.

Of course, there are other numerous ways a relationship can begin and, sadly end.

If your relationship falls into one of the categories above except for the first one, all is not lost.

There is hope

Don’t throw in the towel yet.

If you know how to go about this, you can still get her back.

The STUPID question is:

Are you absolutely sure that you want to get back with your girlfriend?

Is this really such a stupid question? Not if you think about this.

Was she happy in the relationship?

It’s important that you think about this.

Maybe, you guys just weren’t meant to be together. The both of you never had anything in common.

Did the both of you feel a deep connection with the other? Was there any chemistry at all?

Please be honest with the answer. You’ll need to answer this truthfully.

Why do you have to ask yourself this?

So that you’ll know what it is that you’ll need to do.

Were all of your answers yes? Then you should rightly get back with her.

Did you answer no to the questions? Then you’re really just robbing yourself of something wonderful yet to come.

What am I talking about?

A special someone that you will feel a deep connection and bond to!

But, if you still want to know how to get her back for good even after this, then try this:

So how you ask?

There’s a chance for you to win her back. This is the first thing that you’ll need to know if the both of you had loved one another in earlier times.

It can be an extremely painful process for both parties during a break up.

It can take a toll on you both mentally and physically and leave you feeling exhausted every single moment of the day.

But you can be forgiven for that!

Pick yourself up, my friend. Now is the time for you to get back on your feet and take control of your emotions.

I must tell you that this is probably the most vital part of your plan to get her back.

This is probably the most important part in the how to get her back for good fast guide.

Do you think you can make this happen?

Why, sure you can! Even if she’s begun seeing someone, I know you can do this!

You must be able to regain control of your life and emotions to begin your mission! Need help to do that and get your ex back fast? click here.

There is no soul on the face of earth that can complete a successful mission if they can’t even think clearly.

A soldier that goes into battle without a clarity of mind will get himself killed immediately.

I’m glad you agree.

You’ll have to acquire a certain specific set of skills that include specific behavioral patterns if you want to win.

You must have control, patience and discipline to be successful.

Similarly, a member of the elite force cannot succeed without these traits.

Don’t try contacting your girlfriend until you’ve acquired these set of “skills”. Okay?

So please take the time and let your heart heal.

Although it’s true that it could take some time to heal a “broken” heart, when you stop beating yourself up and accept the break up,you’ll surprise yourself how much faster you’ll be able to heal.

So if you’re still calling her and trying to convince her that the both of you should get back together, please stop now.

Do let her heart mend, so that she can also regain control of her emotions and think more clearly. Isn’t that what we want?

Letting her calm down will let her better make important decisions in your favor anyways. Right?

Your next move:

Do this now. Meet new FRIENDS and people.

During this “cool off” period, execute the next phase of the plan.

Start meeting new friends and I suggest that you start going out as well.

There’s never been an easier time than it is to do this today. We won’t go into the details.

Yes, also meet some girls! Go out on dates. Go to parties! Get busy and check out some dating sites online.

You should take action and make the effort to do this. It’s all part of the “plan”.

You could try downloading this neat iPhone app called OkCupid. It’s free. Just do a quick search online and you’ll find it in a “jiff”.

okcupid picture

It’ll connect you to sociable folks that are willing to meet for a cuppa and other fun stuff.

Make sure you do this.

Why not take up strength training and get yourself wash board abs? Girls dig a guy with an athletic body.

Feed your mind and build your confidence

Get yourself a couple of great motivational books and read them thoroughly.

Doing this will pave the path for your success to get her back.

If you want to succeed, you have to understand something about yourself that you’ve never realized. Or perhaps forgotten.

That you can do great things. If you want to.

Making for yourself the life that you deserve and really desire!

Get yourself a couple of great motivational books and read them thoroughly.

Doing this will pave the path for your success to get her back.

If you want to succeed, you have to understand something about yourself that you’ve never realized. Or perhaps forgotten.

That you can do great things. If you want to.

Making for yourself the life that you deserve and really desire!

Whether it’s becoming wealthy or attracting women and even your ex again, you most certainly can.

So get educated! Get empowered!

The next thing to do:

Simply find books that educate you about what makes a man attractive to a woman.

Learn how to be attractive to girls and your ex so that she will be drawn to you again.

Make sense?

Please only read books that have good information. There are tons of rubbish written on this subject.

Do you need a recommendation? click here.

Are you ready?

It’s three-four weeks later:

Fabulous. You’ve taken time off and it’s about 3-4 weeks since your last attempt to contact her.

At this point, you are already a much calmer person, and one that is truly in control of his emotions.

You should probably have a few pretty girl friends that you’re hanging out with plus lots of new friends now.

You know how to attract pretty girls and feel pretty confident about yourself.

And realized your potential to do great things.

You’re even a little surprised that you don’t miss her that much anymore.

You are a much more confident person and you’ve discovered your potential for great things in life.

You’re beginning fresh now. Starting new, and only want to renew a familiar acquaintance.

You only want that and nothing more.

You may be saying this doesn’t make sense! I want her back you retard!

You have to be patient and follow through.

This plan has worked well for tons of folks, so it’ll work for you too.

Now, unless your ex girlfriend calls you up and is ready to pick up where you guys left off, please follow the steps outlined for you.

You really do not want to appear as if as you’re still crazy about her.

Don’t do this if you’re not ready.

You should already be “over” her at this point in time.

Now, you start off fresh as just friends.

Make sure it’s genuine and no act.

She will be able to tell, so make sure it’s natural and sincere.

Women can tell because they have this “gift” or ability like a sixth sense that lets them know.

Make sure that you pay attention to your conversation with your girlfriend. Listen attentively to what she says.

The truth is, most of us aren’t that good at listening as much as we’d like to think.

Be a shoulder for her to cry on and give her full support.

If she starts about her current boyfriend, do not show any weaknesses. Don’t be jealous!

At all times, stay attentive and listen. Stay calm.

Just listen, support and talk about it calmly. Don’t expect anything at this point even if you are.

When at any time, the conversation gets to a personal level, if there’s a need to own up to a mistake, do it.

But be gentle yet firm. Use words like I apologize. Don’t use words like sorry.

Sorry is a word that is associated with negativity.

You do not want any negative energy here.

Don’t start breaking down and bring yourself back to square one.

Women do not like it one bit when a man cries over something like this!

As soon as you understand that, you’ll start attracting a whole lot girls and women.

Girls are attracted to men who are confident about themselves.

Be supportive, kind and gentle with your ex.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that you have give in to her every whim and fancy and let her order you around.

Women do not respect and admire a man that will “do” anything for them right off the bat.

Mind you, don’t play the tough guy too. That doesn’t go down too well with girls.

In your how to get her back for good fast guide- Rambo won’t cut it. Think James. James Bond.

As you know, 007 can be an extremely persuasive, attentive, commanding, confident and even gentle when he needs to be.

Do not push her into a relationship with you at this moment.

Don’t push her if she’s not ready. Back away and give her that space.

Patience is a virtue and nothing could be more true.

When you play your cards right, she will end up feeling that it’s only natural to spend more time with you.

If she wants freedom

However- if at any point in time if she should say that she wants her freedom and no longer wants to be with you, you must remain CALM and “accept” this decision.

Please, remember that it’s all about patience.

Take your time and stay in touch but adjust the frequency accordingly.

Don’t be impatient, or you’ll push her straight back to the new guy. If there’s one.

She’ll feel the pressure and the need to talk to someone, and that someone could very well be her new guy!

Moving on: What your dates should accomplish.

The only one thing you should remember to create during your “outings” with your ex is this: She has to experience a powerful, emotionally charged activity with you!

Whip up a maelstrom of emotions in your girlfriend

Your dates must be brief!

The first date can be over a quick and nice dinner.

Best thing to do during your first date is to keep things casual.

Arrange for another “date” after this and make sure you follow the electrically charged “dating” rule.

Do you know what an electrically and emotionally charged date is?

No more lunch and dinner dates anymore. It’s time to do something else. Something that can create an unforgettable experience for her.

Try to use your imagination for this phase.

Go to the best party in town and have a blast!

Dance with her, cut loose and create that experience for her.

The objective is to make all of your dates now an unforgettable, immensely powerful bonding experience for her so that it touches her emotionally.

In other words: Whip up a tornado of emotions inside of her for you. And she’ll want more.

Have faith in yourself, my friend.

Of course, no one can guarantee your success, but there is hope if you can follow the how to get her back for good guide that has worked for many.

If you want a fool proof plan and to take action now and get her back fast before the new guy takes their relationship to the next level, click here to get help.

Good luck, God bless!

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