How 5 rules can make her miss you

by Danny Zhen

How 5 steps can make her miss you and get her back for goodIbet you want to make your girlfriend miss you. Miss you real bad. Wouldn’t that just make your day? Well, you can but here’s what you need to do. The big question is: are you up to it? Cause it’s not going to be easy. You’ll need to believe in yourself.You’ll need to cultivate the correct mindset and discipline to achieve this.

Don’t let the big words scare you! It’s not that complicated. The only thing that you’ll need to do is to keep an open mind about this whole strategy and put in practice what you’re about to read here. Or at least keep an open mind and read it till the end to see if it’ll work for you. Fair enough? Cool.

I call this the 5 killer rules to make your girlfriend miss you bad (just because it sounds better than calling it the 5 golden goose rules, I’m sure you’ll agree) You can call these rules whatever you want. You can even call it the how to get her back for good killer rules if it helps.

But we’ll call it the 5.K.R for now to keep it simple.


First, do this the moment you wake up from bed and make it the last thing that you do before you call it a night after a back breaking day at the office.

Thou shall repeat these words in the morning and in the evening!

  • She really misses me.
  • She wants me back.
  • She’s putting me to the test to see if I care!
  • I believe in myself, my own potential for greatness.( make sure you mean what you say and say it with true conviction.)

Make sure you do this. If it sounds like Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), it is! For those that are unfamiliar with NLP, this is what it is in nutshell: a proven process that is designed to alter your behavioral patterns and help you to achieve set goals in your life. Read more here..


Have you heard of the saying: Absence doth maketh the heart grow yon fonder? (or something like that..) You have? Awesome.

Put this to work and pull off the greatest disappearing trick ever that would make even Criss Angel blush with envy and she’ll miss you “bad”.

  • She’ll miss you if you completely disappear from her life because it’s only natural for a girl to feel that way.
  • She’ll be curious, and will even start thinking about you.
  • She’ll start to wonder about you and it’ll really get to her.


If you can’t do this, then at least make yourself less “visible” or “scarce”. Avoid frequent contact and you’ll get this result.

Your ex girlfriend will expect you to mop around feeling defeated, blue and even teary eyed.

  • So don’t. Even if you do feel that way (and it’s okay because it’s only natural) it’s more reason why you should lay low and stay under the radar- at least for a while.
  • While you’re pulling off your disappearing act, get active. Go out and have fun. Catch up with friends. Ask them to introduce you to other friends. If they have pretty girl friends ask them to introduce them to you.
  • If she has the same circle of friends as you do- all the better. Hang out and be seen as having fun as if as everything is A-okay with you. (even if you actually feel otherwise…which again is O.K)
  • If you want, you could start dating. If not, well that’s up to you. But I guarantee you this. You’ll feel a lot better each and every time you go out on a date and meet new women.

IMPORTANT: No matter how jealous your girlfriend is at this point- it doesn’t mean that she’ll come running back to you arms wide open and immediately. This is not magic. And we’re not casting a magical spell here. Be patient.


At this point in time- you’re sending her a very clear message. And that message?

  • That you’re no longer available to your ex. (well, kind of…)
  • She broke up with you and she no longer deserves your devotion, time nor energy.

Warning: You never want to appear as if as you’re angry, resentful, spiteful or just out for blood!

A crucial part of the 5.K.R is that you must also show that you sincerely care for your ex girlfriend- that your activities have absolutely nothing to do with making her jealous, to upset her, whatever.


When you get your chance to talk to your ex girlfriend, or see her face to face-

  • Please make sure that you’re at your best (be positive about your life and full of energy!)
  • Be happy and full of life when you see her!(bet this won’t be hard)
  • Forget about asking her to get back with you for now. When she sees that you still care about her and she starts calling you up- you know you’ve done good.

Goes without saying- that she’s been thinking of you.

Once she feels this way about you and starts thinking about you, this puts you in a favorable position. All it takes now- like a chess game is a few more carefully planned moves to seal the deal and make her fall in love with you all over again… And when a girl gives her heart to you- she’ll do anything to get back with you. How to get her back for good? Well, you just did. Checkmate.

Important: Use your discretion! If you’ve not been able to establish any type of contact either because you’re not sure how to or she’s not responding- see other posts here or click the link on your right and get that help fast.

Every second that goes by counts. I wish you every success!

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