Magic of making up review

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Magic of Making Up: A Review of the Guide authored by T.W. Jackson.

If you’re looking for an effective guide on how to get your ex girlfriend back, (or ex wife) I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing one of the most popular relationship guides out there. It’s called the Magic of Making Up. The big question is: Is it any good? Will it show you how to get her back for good? And just as important- keep her with you for as long as you want?

As I’ve mentioned- this is a highly successful guide for people that have “lost” someone that they truly care about and want to get back together. The truth is, when you’ve lost that special someone that you had a certain irreplaceable “chemistry” with- it can be quite difficult to find that same chemistry in another person. That’s not to say it’s impossible of course. But it’s not going to be easy. I know what I’m talking about since it happened to me. But we’re not here to talk about me. Let’s get on with the review of the guide. You want something that will work, and there’s no time to waste.

The Pros

What I really like about this guide is his simple, easy to follow steps on the course of action that you must take to salvage the relationship and get her back. His advice and techniques are founded on the principles of honesty, which I feel is really different from the other countless relationship guides that I’ve read in the past.

What’s important about this is that it offers you a different perspective about a relationship, and how you can create a long and lasting relationship after you successfully get your ex girlfriend back. Most guides that I’ve read seem to offer “techniques” that work to get a “response” but does not explain in any length about where to go from there.

When you read through his guide, you can’t help but get this feeling that you’re taking a journey of self-discovery and learning about yourself in the process. Remember when I mentioned earlier that his methods are founded on the principles of honesty? What you’ll learn from this guide is how to essentially gain her trust back completely and how to approach your ex girfriend in a way so that she will open up and talk. (which could be difficult when you don’t know how and where to start) He also shows you how to “fix” the damage that may have caused the break up in the first place.

Again, what is different about his advice is that it’s all about honesty. He tells us that if we made a mistake in the past, it’s best to come clean and start all over with a clean slate. That means owning up to your mistake so that you can gain her trust again. He does not however, tell you that you’ll have to get down on your knees and start begging your ex girlfriend for forgiveness! (not that this is going to work anyways)

He shows you exactly how to do this in a way that will surprise your ex girlfriend but most importantly- deliver results.

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What I really find to be interesting is the fact that while he speaks about honesty quite a bit, (after all it’s the underlining principle of his methods) is that he does tell you to apply some really “manipulative” tatics that is quite the contradiction of course.

Some of these tatics have been offered in other guides and although I personally do not like using manipulative tatics, I personally know some folks that have applied this type of tatics with a lot of success. He also shares some original “new” tatics that some of the people that have purchased the guide will swear by.

To sum it up, I really like what he offers in his guide: Why? He shares three key principles that are not found in other guides: but most importantly- I believe will be extremely effective.

The Honest Approach
The Clean Slate
Fast Forward Techniques

Other things that I like: Some good bonuses, a fair price and best of all- a 60 day money back guarantee. Since this guide is sold through Click Bank, you will never have a refund problem. Click Bank is known for its no nonsense refund policies. This is to ensure the quality of the products that are sold through Click Bank.

The Cons

The guide starts out with some cliche, nonsense warnings about how the methods presented in the guide are so immensely powerful and secretive that the content should come with the general surgeons’ warning label. It goes on to say that the knowledge in the guide should never be abused and used in a way that could end up breaking a poor girl’s heart and all of the other mumbo jumbo.

Yeah, we get it.

It’s all quite unnecessary and counter productive. He also goes on to say that his methods while effective, has made certain powerful relationship counselors really angry and wants us to think that everyone’s out to get him.

A typical sales page that seems all too focused on convincing us that his methods are so secretive that they might as well be classified documents does not help and is in fact quite annoying.

All of this may be a big put off for someone who is genuinely looking for help and information that can salvage their relationship.

While hype is a necessary evil, overdoing it may put some people off. And then there’s his advice on food and sex which I find to be “typical” of the other guides.

The verdict:

What I like about this guide is how T.W Jackson will walk you through the whole process from the get go and right up to the end. What is offered in his guide despite all of the “hype” is excellent and the content presents itself to be quite original. What I am convinced about is that his methods can work, and is extremely effective. Again, I would personally give this a shot if I needed someone to walk me through a process to get my ex girlfriend back. To find out more about the Magic of Making Up please click here. You could still save the relationship.

I truly believe that the information in his guide can work and wished that this was available four years ago when I really needed it.

There are certainly days when I look back and wonder how things might have been if I had picked up this guide. Even if you don’t pick this guide up, please do something to save your relationship before she’s out of your life forever. Once that happens, you will lose this person that you love so much forever. And that’s really a long time.

Best of luck!