Win her back the right way

I’m sure Fred’s had his own share of problems with Wilma before

The dilemma of trying to get an ex girlfriend back after a break up is ages old- and probably dates back to the era of the dinosaurs and caveman!

The truth of the matter is that the basis of a relationship really- is a complex one.

And if you’ve recently experienced a break up, you can be excused for feeling a just a little shaken up emotionally.

What likely happens next is a sudden “revelation” that your ex girlfriend is the one person that you really want to be with.

That’s great except for one thing- you’ve broken up with your girlfriend and chances are she may already have a “new” boyfriend.

Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet.

I’m here to tell you that there is always hope.

Your next question will probably be:

Who are you and why should I listen to you?

Good question.

Many years ago, I was faced with a similar situation.

You see, my girlfriend had dumped me for another guy.

Worse, he was someone I knew.

For many months I was left feeling frustrated, angry and lost- on the verge of despair, I started speaking to people that had relationship problems as I did- and eventually developed relationships with those very same people that I was directly speaking to.

Even Spidey’s had his share of trouble with the ladies

I soon found myself taking notes and documenting every single little finding and educating myself on the “ways” of woman. I would read books on the subject and whenever possible, develop a relationship with the folks who were experts on the subject matter.

As fate would have it, I chanced on a meeting with the author and creator of the Ex Recovery System Ashley Kay.

When I finally felt that I had enough information I soon decided that I would share those findings with folks that needed it the most.

So what do I do about my girlfriend?

First things first.

Your first instinct (and every other guy as a matter of fact) is to dive head first and try talking your ex girlfriend into getting back with you.

Don’t do it!

This is the biggest mistake any guy can do in his “quest” to get his ex back.

Resist the urge to call your ex girlfriend and “beg” or persuade her to get back with you.


  • Let’s face it. Breaking up is an extremely traumatic experience. Not just for you but for your ex girlfriend as well.
  • As it is, the best thing the both of you can do for now- is to give each other the space and time TO HEAL. And to fully come to terms with the event that has taken place.
  • Your emotions are erratic and all over the place. It’s the same with your ex girlfriend. The both of you will not be able to think “clearly”! Without clarity and a clear, “working” mind, do you think you’ll do a good job trying to talk her into getting back with you? With her emotions and yours all over the place, do you really think that she’s ready to make the “most” important decision in her life?

Think again. “Fools rush in”. If you act out rashly, and your ex girlfriend isn’t prepared, you will most assuredly cause irreparable damage and destroy any possible chances of a reconciliation.

The only thing that you will accomplish is to appear desperate to your ex girlfriend.

Let’s face it, that’s not going to score any points.


  • Understanding how a woman thinks is key to your success.
  • It is in the very nature of the female species to reject a man that is desperate and needy.
  • I repeat”: They DESPISE a NEEDY and DESPERATE man.

So stop calling her every minute!

Give your heart a “time out”

If you want to know how to get her back for good, then please take this advice.

The best thing to get the results that you want (which is getting your ex girlfriend back) is to lay off for a while.

Accept the break up, forget her and move on.

I don’t want to forget about her you (***censored***)  idiot! I’m here because I want to get my ex girlfriend back!

Is this some kind of a joke?

I hear you and I assure you it’s not a joke.

If you want to get your ex girlfriend back, what would you rather do?

Follow a method that has worked for thousands or take a chance and do it your way and possibly ruin your chances forever with your ex?

Glad you see it my way!

So listen, the first and hardest step of your plan to get her back is to actually forget her.

Yes, you heard right.

You say: That’s nuts! I can’t do that. I still love her! I can’t get her out of my mind!

Well, do you want to know how to get her back for good or not?

Ignore your natural instincts to constantly “harass” and call her repeatedly or pay her uninvited visits so that you can get her to sit her butt down and “repair” the relationship.

If you still want to do this, fine go ahead. But each time you call her, remember you’re destroying yet another “chance” to win your ex girlfriend back.

Remember our earlier chat about “being desperate”.

By backing off, you’re actually showing her a sophisticated level of maturity (if you will) that you understand her needs.

That you understand that she needs “time” to think about the whole “mess”. (she’s still high strung and emotional, what do you expect?)

Give your heart and hers a time out so that the both of you can first accept the “break up” , calm down, heal and have a clarity of the mind.

Yes I can be Tony Stark! (Where did I put that damn tin suit anyway?

It’s YOU!

Interestingly, getting back with your ex has absolutely nothing to do with her.

It has everything to do with you!

Listen, YOU decide what you want in your life and how you want to live that life.

YOU decide how much money you want to make and how many beautiful women you want to have in your life.

YOU decide if you are in control of your life and the master of your own destiny!

Now take a minute to think about what I’ve just said.

Does any of that make sense?

Of course it does!

Once you understand that you are the master of your destiny and that YOU have full and absolute complete control of your life- there’s really nothing that you can’t achieve: whether it’s attracting that gorgeous next door neighbor or plain getting your ex back, if that’s what you really want.

Do you get it?

If you want to win back your ex, you will need to have mastery over your emotions and more importantly, your conscious thought. If you think that you’ll never amount to anything in life, chances are that will be true.

If you think you’re never going to get your girlfriend back, chances are you never will!

If you think that you’re headed for big things in life and nothing’s going to stop you, and you take action- you WILL get there.

If you think you CAN get your girlfriend back, you will. Do you need control over your emotions and have complete control over your life to do accomplish this goal?

Of course you do!

You’ll need to have patience and the discipline to achieve this goal. (which is to forget about your girlfriend for now..)

Don’t kid yourself- You’ll need a clear and precise mind, along with proper education in order to achieve this.

So what now genius?

Well, the next best thing that you can do for yourself is to move on in your life!

Yes, you read that right.

  • Keep yourself busy. Take up a new activity or hobby! It can be sewing classes for all I care.
  • Go out and socialize! Start meeting new friends. Go online and find a great online dating site. Get back into the dating game!
  • After letting things cool down, (your time out should be in the period of about 2-3 weeks) Make contact with your ex girlfriend. Start with brief text messages that let her know you’re doing okay. Also ask how she’s doing and leave it at that.
  • Continue your education. Continue meeting people and developing friendships with women. (this helps you to take your mind off your ex- if you’re not careful, you may just end up meeting someone you like better!! :) ) You’ll also naturally feel less desperate over your ex and that’s an important part of your strategy to win her back.
  • Drop her casual text messages or call her briefly. Your conversation should always be impersonal and brief. The objective of the contact should always be to let her know you’re okay, and for you to check if she’s okay too!
  •  If you do this correctly, you will find that she will gravitate towards you. She will notice your new found confidence and her attraction levels for you will gradually increase in time. You will notice that she will want to increasingly spend more of her time with you than ever.

Continue building this “new” relationship with her until you feel that she is ready to commit and get back with you “officially.”

Remember, please be patient.

The goal here is for her to notice that you have become an extremely confident, attractive and a highly desirable “man”- someone that is attractive not only to her but to other beautiful girls as well.

When you have become a man that is naturally attractive to other women, she will naturally be attracted to you again.

If you want a more detailed map to fast track your success, why not check out Ashley’s Ex Recovery System?

Is there an absolute guarantee that if you follow the plan outlined here that you will get her back?

No, but you greatly increase your odds of doing so. (because you are approaching the subject matter with proven methods that have worked for many)

Even though we have not met, I believe in you. I believe in the potential that you have to achieve great things in your life.

The BIG question is: Do you believe that yourself?

Using the correct approach to get her back


Forever. What the heck is that?

One advice. Don’t wait. If you’ve just for some reason had a falling out with your “ex girlfriend” DO NOT WAIT to do something. You must take some form of action. And you have to do it now. It’s extremely vital to do something quickly now before she’s gone forever.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Forever.

Take another moment to think about what forever really means.

Wouldn’t you say forever is a really long time? Really really long time?

But what if you could learn the correct approach and increase your chances and odds of getting back with your ex? What if there’s still hope if you knew exactly what you had to do next to make that happen?

Take it from someone who’s been there. The problem is that it takes a while before you realize how much you miss her and all those crazy things that you used to do together. By the time you realize it, you may just find out that it’s just too late to fix it.

Here’s the thing- You may have been with someone else before you were with your ex.

But you were probably okay with letting the one before your ex go. And you probably never looked back since. Why? Because you never had that “special” connection like you did with your ex. You never had that “chemistry” which you had with your ex.


If you miss your ex and you’re wondering why you feel the way that you do- even after all this time (hopefully you haven’t taken too long a time if you want to get back with her ) then you certainly had “chemistry” with her. Even if you have not seen your ex for a while, it’s still not too late to do something positive. But we’ll talk more about this later. Let’s get back to chemistry.

Chemistry is not something that you will generally have with every person that you’ll meet or even have been with. Chemistry is when two people are able to connect and somehow feel comfortable doing anything together. When I say anything- I mean anything. Weird things, fun things, whatever. It’s when two people accept the other for what they are in every sense of the word. Sound crazy? Not if you’ve had that with you ex- and would know what I mean.

Listen, when you have chemistry with that someone, that’s when you’ve found a “soul mate”.

Forget about her

There are times when a relationship that has ended isn’t worth pursuing anymore. Forget about how to get her back for good now if :

1. You do not actually want her back for the right reasons. By that I mean, that you want her back for your own ego and that’s about it. Because she left you, it hurt your pride and worse, your ego because NO ONE LEAVES YOU. So make sure your ego is in the right place and you actually want her back because you genuinely love her. Okay?

2. She cheated on you and told you that she wants to end the relationship because you’re just not right for her. If she cheated on you, it’s not worth trying to get back together with her. Listen, why the heck would you want to be with someone that can turn on you in a second? Besides, she is clearly in “love” with someone else. She probably never loved you at all so why would you want her back?

3. You’ve cheated on her when you were with her, and deep down inside- you never actually loved her. If this is the case, do not waste her time. And yours.

So what now?

You don’t fit any of the above criteria and you want to get back with your ex. That’s fine- as mentioned above, it’s time to take action before it’s too late. You need to take these steps quickly:

Communication: You’ll need to start communicating with her quickly. Every second that goes by means that some other guy could already be making a move on her. For all you know, they could already be talking “marriage”. No? What if you’re wrong?

To avoid all of this from happening- you must act now. You’ll need to find the correct way to firstly, solicit a response from her. If you haven’t been on talking terms since your breakup, you do not want to start by sending her e mails or text messages that goes like this: I need you… or I miss you.. or just blank messages.

Doing this will kill any chances of a reconciliation. Why? Studies have shown that people do not respond well to an act is associated with negative emotions: and desperation counts as an act that is associated with a negative emotion.

How well have you responded to a sales person that was desperate to sell you something? Do you remember walking away quickly when the sales person became too “pushy” and “desperate” to sell you that product? What if that sales person had just taken his or her time and let you feel comfortable and “slowly” helped you out with your questions about the product, don’t you think that would have increased his chances of selling you the product?

Of course you do. The same principles apply here. If you sound desperate, you will turn her off and send her packing.

If you’re comfortable with sending text messages, you should send her a text that is “positive” with an “objective” to solicit a response from her: but you’ll need to know how to do it correctly:

learn how to do it the right way so that she’ll engage you positively with text messages

Look out for the next posting when we share and give you some ideas and suggestions.

If you want a step by step walk through on how to correctly and systemically get her back with you again, Click here.

We’ll also talk about a systemic approach in our next post.

Once more, if you’re not convinced for some reason that taking action immediately is crucial, then you might be in for a rude awakening.

You have to understand that women act and think very differently from a man. A lot of men don’t understand this concept and while this may surprise you, I assure you that this is no joke.

When you’re no longer there to fill that emotional need and “emptiness” in her life, you can bet she’ll find someone else to fill that “void” in her life. A man may take his time and choose and pick someone they “really” like before they actually want a relationship with that person:

A women will pick someone she feels can IMMEDIATELY fill that emotional vacuum in her life and give her that security that she’s lost. Even if that man may not have been initially “attractive” to her or even if in her mind- he could never ever measure up to you. His looks, his bank account balance and all of that does not matter to her.

If someone else is there to catch her when she falls and offer her that “emotional” support and a shoulder to lean on- he eventually gets her.

So please don’t let yourself down and take action now. But make sure you read more about the DOs and the DONT’s here first before you take any type of action.

Take the time to find out about the mistakes that can ruin your chances of getting back with your ex and my friend….. don’t make them.

That’s it for now.

Best of luck, have faith that things will work out great for ya and it will.

The wolf dude signing off,

Till next, Peace.